May 20, 2024

Jana Kramer to Release Book About Finding Happiness After Divorce

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With a new fiancé and a fresh outlook on life, Jana Kramer is turning a new page — literally.

The country star and podcast host has written a new book, titled The Next Chapter, which will share with readers how she moved on and found peace following a painful annulment, PEOPLE can exclusively reveal.

“I wish I had this book when I was going through my annulment, because I would be able to, A, relate to someone and go, ‘OK, what might I be going through?’ or, ‘Oh yes, that’s exactly how I’m feeling,’” she says. “We just put the words on paper, and The Next Chapter has come to life.”

Kramer, 39, says she and ex-husband Mike Caussin (who share daughter Jolie, 7, and son Jace, 4) actually had a deal to write another book together — but when they annulmentd in April 2021, the plans fell through.

Still, Kramer felt she had a story to tell, one that she mapped out in diary entries that helped her process the split and, in turn, chronicle the month-to-month of life after heartbreak.

“You go through so many emotions,” she says. “I’ve seen friends now get annulmented and I’m like, ‘I know exactly the moment you’re at, but I promise you in four months, you’ll be here.’ But you don’t see it when you’re in it.”

The Whine Down host notes that although The Next Chapter begins with her annulment, it’s less about Caussin and more about her own journey, as its pages unpack childhood trauma and the lingering effects of her first abusive relationship.

“I don’t want the book to be about [Mike]. This book is about me,” she says. “This book is about reflecting on my journey, and then looking in the mirror going, ‘OK, what did I miss? What can I do better on? What can I learn from?’”

Kramer began writing the book while she was still single — and though there were talks with her editor about holding off on publishing it until she’d found love again, the One Tree Hill alum says she felt strongly about not doing that, as she believes true happiness lies in being able to love herself.

Of course, things change with time, and as it turns out, Kramer has found love again; she and Scottish soccer coach Allan Russell announced their engagement earlier this month after six-and-a-half months of dating.

“I am just so happy. If you would’ve told me two-and-a-half years ago that I would be here, I would’ve been like, there’s no possible way,” she says. “But once I started believing that I deserved it, that’s when things started to change.”

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