May 20, 2024

Carl Says That Lindsay Alcohol Consumption Manifests Itself in Therapy

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The team of the “Summer House” gathered for the reunion of season 7 to denounce the questionable behavior of the other and settle old arguments – including one that was not seen on camera

Carl Radke of Summer House admitted that his fiancee Lindsay Hubbard’s alcohol consumption had been a point of contention in their relationship, enough to talk about it in couples therapy.



While the actors were reviewing some of the best scenarios during Monday’s Season 7 reunion, host Andy Cohen bounced back on Kyle Cooke’s vocal concern about Lindsay’s “activated” behavior under the influence, asking Carl, who has been sober for two years, if his fiancée’s alcohol consumption bothers him more than it

“No, we talked about it a lot,” said Carl, 38. “We are going to couples therapy. She became an important part of the dialogue because I never wanted to prevent her from being herself. And sometimes, when alcohol is involved, we don’t communicate well at all.”

“Well, I don’t think anyone does, especially me,” admitted Lindsay, 36.

“He can make a snowball,” Carl acknowledged. “We are working on it. We’re doing therapy. I am determined to try to understand.”

Andy, 54, told Lindsay: “It’s going to be a problem for you. Carl is sober. You’re not. Al-Anon is your friend.”

Lindsay agreed and even said that she had a spreadsheet of different Zoom meetings to help those whose loved ones are affected by alcoholism.

“One thing I want to make sure I say is what she had to sign up for and be in a relationship with me – the baggage I have is considerable,” Carl said. “I am an alcoholic and a medicine addict. Done. I had a big problem.”

He continued: “But I knew I had a base and a friend who was willing to work with me on this. So the communication is always constant, but I think there is a lot of grace, a lot of credit for what he had to sign.”

Meanwhile, Lindsay’s former best friend Danielle Olivera revealed that Lindsay’s drinking led to a huge action over the summer that was not caught on camera.

“There was a time when we went to Montauk and we were the three friends of one of our favorite bands,” recalls Danielle, 34. “Lindsay was drinking, we were doing our thing. You became confrontational with Carlito, and you talked about it at the table, so much so that Carl left the table.”

She continued: “Carl had expressed to me: “I thought that when I started drinking again, maybe that part of her would be activated again. I just thought it wouldn’t happen to me. And I said, “Look, it’s going to happen. We can get out of this. I was trying to put it back together.’”

“But what finally happened was that [Lindsay] went to Southampton and brought an Uber back to town,” he said. Andy considered the several-hour, several-hundred-dollar trip to Manhattan an “aggressive move,” and Danielle agreed that it sounded like a “big deal.””

When asked why she didn’t mention the action on camera, Danielle replied to Lindsay and Carl: “I didn’t want to broadcast their action.”

The Watch What Happens Live presenter turned to Lindsay and said: “It seemed while watching the show that a lot of your actions were going on when you were drinking.”After she agreed, he asked her if she had ever felt like she was walking on eggs around her fiancé.

“Sometimes, just because I want to be respectful and in a sense it’s like, I don’t want to drink too much rose and then be activated and something happens or I feel defensive,” she explained. And then he says: “How can I help you when you are indefensible?’”

Carl defended Lindsay’s position and witnessed her growth: “I want her to be the best version of herself and have a good time. But when she reached this level, it was difficult, but I try to tell her about it so that she can recognize it, learn and grow from there.”

She added: “I think he’s worked a lot since season 4 “Don’t turn me on Lindsay” until now.”

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